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Applied Kinesiology

MedicineWorld.Org: Applied Kinesiology

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      The word Kinesiology is derived from two Greek words "KINEIN", to move, and "LOGOS", to study. Kinesiology is the scientific study of movement. Kinesiology aims to understand human bodys physiological and psychological response to short term and long-term activity. It also studies the cultural, social, and historical importance or physical activity. . Kinesiology focuses on mechanical qualities of movement.

      American Chiropractor, George Goodheart can be considered as the father of Kinesiology. He began using muscle testing to evaluate muscle function, posture and general body imbalances. His work and continued research lead to foundation of Applied Kinesiology, a system he made available to other Chiropractors and professionals. In the early seventies, another Chiropractor, John Thie, brought Kinesiology to the common person. He called this simplification to a self-help method Touch For Health. Since the inception of Touch For Health, Kinesiology has spread all over the world and is currently been taught to millions of people. The techniques of Kinesiology have evolved during this period of time. The techniques of Kinesiology is meant to deal with subtle but numerous imbalances that with everyday physical, mental and emotional problems.

      Versatility is one of the greatest virtues of Kinesiology. Its concepts and techniques can be applied almost anyone in any place at any time. They can be expanded and tailored to suit individual tastes or needs and can be used on oneself, within the family or in the professional situation.

Applied Kinesiology: Resources
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MedicineWorl.Org: Applied Kinesiology

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