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Alexander Teqnique Resources

Alexander technique: resources
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  The origin of Alexander technique
      F.M. Alexander, who lived from 1869-1955, developed Alexander technique based on experiences that he gained with the use of his own voice as an actor, musician and dramatic performer. In the early years of his carrier as a......
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What is Alexander technique?       The Alexander Technique is a very simple and effective method of self-care that people use to achieve a natural, tension-free posture and ease in movement. Alexander Technique would help you to relieve pain and stress......
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What would alexander therapy do for you?
      Alexander therapy is effective for a variety
  of conditions from musculoskeletal pain to learning problems, whether you are a musician or a secretary, lessons of Alexander teaching remain fundamentally the same.......
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What are the conditions treated with Alexander technique?
      Alexander technique may help people suffering chronic medical problems for which there are no lasting solutions in the conventional medicine. Alexander technique may help musculoskeletal problems such as....
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More resources on Alexander technique
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Alexander technique

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